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    Generational Dating

    On twitter, @FLASHionista inquired about things “baby boomers” should consider when dating. 

    First let me clarify, if you were born between 1946 and 1964 you are in the baby boomer generation, which means that you are between the ages of 47 and 65. For my clients, this age range can actually be a really great time in life. With age comes, clarity, stability, a deeper understanding of life, self and family and a myriad of other great life experiences that have made your journey to this point very rich, rewarding and worth sharing.

    5 Things to consider before hitting the dating pool:

    1. Take care of yourself: like men and women of any age, be mindful of your health, fitness, and mental stability. Never try to include someone in your life if it is broken and in need of repair. Ensure that you have the energy and mental space to fully immerse yourself in the joys of dating. 

    2. Age is more than a number: generational distinctions, in our society, were created to denote particular, shared, historical experiences. If you find yourself dating men who fall outside your generation you should be sensitive to that fact that he is likely to view the world in a drastically different way with respect to family, finance, life, love, etc. 

    3. Know where you’re going: at this point in life you undoubtedly have a laundry list of attributes you don’t want in a man. But be careful not to mistake a “don’t want” list for an actual understanding of who you need in your life. Take the time to create goals for yourself and your potential partner to gain clarity and direction for finding the right man. 

    4. Be mindful of family: Understand the fact that both you and the man you will be looking to date are likely to have families (and the baggage associated with them). As such, communication will need to be paramount to make sure both you and he are on the same page.

    5. Safety is key: Just because you are older and wiser doesn’t mean you are invincible and have nothing to lose. STD rates among men and women in your generation are rising. Don’t be cavalier about your health and who you share your body with. Take your time, don’t rush into things and remember to protect emotions and your health by practicing safe sex.

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